I've spent a good amount of time studying the Psalms. With 150 of them, there is a Psalm for every occasion, for every emotion.  They are a rich study.

Pray before you begin.  Read them slowly, and savor the insights and messages you will receive.

With prayers and blessings,



Featured Psalms

Psalm 3
Psalm 3 is a blend of praise and lament.  Many of us alternate between the conflicting feelings of hope and despair.  When you're having doubts in yourself, or dealing with issues and you're concerned about the outcome, Psalm 3 is a good prayer to pray to the Lord.  READ MORE

Psalm 104
Psalm 104 is a work of praise to God and wonder at all His creation. He sent His Spirit to the first community of believers at Pentecost and we call on His Spirit today, to renew the face of the earth.  READ MORE

Psalm 139
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